Why Modular?

High quality products and excellent customer service

Whether it's a hotel complex or an urban hotel, our methodology can ensure you're generating revenue as soon as possible. From the integral development of turnkey projects, to the supply of modular components, take advantage of our world-class manufacturing and design capabilities to drastically reduce your construction program and deliver a quality, high-performance product.​


Today, modular buildings are more than just temporary construction trailers and portable classrooms. There are countless applications for modular building solutions – from permanent housing in both remote and urban locations to retail space solutions and municipal facilities, to industrial site offices and special event requirements. ​

Hundreds of end users benefit from the ease of use and flexibility that modular construction offers. Attractive prefabricated buildings can be any size, have multiple stories and are custom designed to meet specific needs.​


Modern modular buildings perform and look as good as traditional on-site constructed alternatives and can be designed to harmonize and blend in with their surroundings​

We are experienced in designing comfortable and energy efficient modular buildings for any climate or terrain – from remote mining areas to corporate projects in cosmopolitan cities. 


Quality and efficiency are important to us – and are important to your bottom line. Our modular buildings are manufactured in a secure, state-of-the-art facility and are easily transported to your site regardless of the weather. By preparing your sites in parallel with building construction, we avoid project delays and save you time and money.

Modular buildings are easy to relocate, allowing you to move and reuse them. They are also expandable to accommodate your future requirements.


We are focused on delivering you top quality products. We use only the best materials, and our experienced construction team works in a clean, well-lit and efficiently-designed environment. Modular units are built indoors, shielded from the elements and under controlled conditions.