manufacture and installation of prefabricated warehouses

  • Prefabricated

    Modular construction system for work spaces and industrial storage. Its galvanized steel structure is removable, recoverable and free of maintenance which allows adapting the design to the needs and dimensions of your project. We have the lightest anchoring system on the market.

    Structure Characteristics 

    • - Sizes range from 6 x 6 meters
    • - Manufactured in our own plant
    • - On-site mounting
    • - Relocatable/portable and reusable

    Panel coating material

    Anti-corrosive covering UPVC sheet and / or sheet R101

  • Industrial Construction

    Our designs ar ebased on the specific needs of each project and client. All of our buildings have anti-seismic characteristics and are resistant to salinity and extreme weather conditions.

    - Ideal for special projects of large dimensions such as hospitals, camps, offices, warehouses and factories
    - Shorter delivery time
    - Weather resistant materials with salinity and humidity
    - Designed for critical wind and earthquake conditions
    - High degree of engineering
    - Shorter delivery time

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